About Us


Our mission is to empower, connect and engage women in rural communities in Ghana and foster professional growth, skill development and leadership, while advancing the field.


Our vision is to empower women and girls by shaping them into leaders. We will achieve this by;

  • Helping girls to overcome fear and develop self confidence in pursuing their dreams through training.
  • Help girls who are brilliant but needy to start or further their education.
  • Provide skills training for women and girls to better their daily lives.
  • Provide healthcare for older women in deprived communities.

Our Mandate

Training & Development

We are keen on equipping women with skills to land them a place in the business world, while providing the resources to help them develop in their fields.

Donation Exercises

While we have a really big dream for today's women, we're also aware that all hands are not equal, hence we frequently embark on donation exercises.

Support us

Is There Not A Cause?

We believe in giving. We believe in helping the needy in any way possible. We have identified various causes our organization can give to and we invite you to partner with us on this journey.

We're interested in empowering the girl child to grow into a full-fledged woman. We therefore provide financial assistance and clothing to needy young girls to undertake education at the various levels. There are various causes we give to, come join us make the world a better place.